Introduction To The Model Horse Hobby

Clubs and Organizations

American Model Arabian Horse Association

We are a model horse club specifically aimed towards the collecting, exhibition and pedigree assignment of Arabian and Part-Arabian models.

Great Lakes Congress, Inc.

Great Lakes Congress, Inc. is a 501c3 public charity. We seek to promote and encourage the study of horses and horsemanship, using model horses.

Model Equine Photo Showers Association

The Model Equine Photo Showers Association, formed in 1997, is a grass roots organization of model horse hobbyists, joining together to promote the hobby of model horse photo showing on an International level.

North American Model Horse Shows Association

The North American Model Horse Shows Association’s mission is to serve as an inclusive organization to promote the model horse hobby. NAMHSA’s aim is to promote all facets of the model horse hobby and to provide support for the future development of model horse showing, customizing, and collecting.


Identify Your Breyer

The largest and most complete source of information on new and vintage Breyer model horses on the Internet

Identify Your CollectA

Covering the new CollectA "Corral Pals" now being sold by Breyer as well as the releases sold by CollectA directly

Identify Your WIA

The complete source of information on WIA model horses on the Internet.

Model Horse Gallery

The Model Horse Gallery, founded in 1995 by Janet Piercy and currently maintained by Gail Berg, is the oldest and largest collection of model horse images and information on the web. More than 3000 pages and 30,000 images!


A Schleich® toy in a child‘s hand is an invitation into stories still unwritten. And we can‘t wait to hear the stories you‘ll tell!

What is my Original Finish Breyer Worth?

Giving values to OF Breyers via a Facebook group with Lucy Kusluch. PDF is group welcome information; group can be found on Facebook.

Creating Model Horses

Creating Tack and Accessories


A blog about my journey through making model horse accessories, tack, some customizing, and a bit of Breyer news

The Native Arabian Halter

How to make a Native Arabian Horse halter in 1:9 scale, brought to you by the Model Horse Tack School.

Hobby Blogs

Horsie Mama - My Life with Horses with Lynn Isenbarger

A mix of topics ranging from my mare, Abby, to collecting and hobby topics, to family and our dogs.

Hobby Facebook Groups

Families Of Newer Model Horse Hobbyists

This group is for family members and care givers of newer model horse hobbyists and is intended to connect with them through the model horse hobby.

Hobby History

Model Horse History

A website devoted to preserving and documenting the history of the model horse hobby and community

Hobby News

Mares In Black

A model horse podcast, covering model horse news and hobby events


How To Prep A Resin Medallion

How to prep a resin medallion with Shannon Rodgers

Display Options for Medallions

Display options for medallions with Shannon Rodgers

Model Horse Live Shows

Midwest Mini Mayhem, May 4, 2024

A mini model horse show to benefit Model Horse Univeristy

Photographing Model Horses

Friday Focus On Model Horse Photography

This Facebook group will be sharing FREE hints and tips on model horse photography and will have a downloadable hint/tip card every two weeks to save to your phone for handy reference. Host Karon Grieve has been successfully photo showing model horses for over forty years and has lots of info to share.

Photo Your Toys

No need to leave your collectibles in a box, or let them collect dust on a shelf. GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY! Brought to you by Teanna Byerts of

Photographing the Breyer Horse in its Natural Habitat

Photographing the wild Breyer horse in its natural habitat - A teeny tiny tutorial on stuff I learned while trying to get horses to stand up in a sandstorm ​and throwing buckets of water and rocks at them. Brought to you by Teanna Byerts of

Real Horse References

US Equestrian - Introduction to Breeds and Disciplines

A website with great resources that include the 10 breeds and 17 disciplines that are recognized by US Equestrian organization.

Realistic Equine Sculpture Society

Showing Model Horses

Guide to Documenting Breeds with All or Nada Studios

"So I don't know about y'all, but creating documentation for a live show is quite the undertaking. Over the years, I've developed a set of guidelines I use when creating my own documentation, based off tips from others and my own trial and error. I want to emphasize that this isn't the be-all-end-all by any means, but I've had good success with it!"

Other Topics

SelectArcane You Tube Channel

Model horse YouTube channel for both education and entertainment